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Reading Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”

October 6, 2008

Reading Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” is a strange and unsettling experience in and of itself.  Reading some of the studies Kafka has inspired in also a wild and weird experience.

· Take a look at Kafka Goes to the Movies by Hans Zischler.  This film actor poured over Kafka’s diaries and letters to compile a list of the films that the author viewed in his lifetime.  Zischler tracked down the old prints of films from the beginning of the twentieth century, hunted for the movie theatres that Kafka frequented and turned the whole into a very odd book.

· If you like your Kafka graphic, the famous underground cartoonist/graphic novelist R. Crumb has illustrated the author’s life – R. Crumb’s Kafka with text by David Mairowitz

· For the militant Kafka lovers there is always Why you Should Read Kafka before You Waste your Life by James Hawes

· Kafka’s friend Max Brod wrote Franz Kafka, A Biography based on the author’s papers which he had been instructed to destroy upon Kafka’s death.  He obviously didn’t destroy them.

· Franz Kafka by Franz Baumer, part of the Unger Publishing Company’s monographs on modern literature, is a moody obscure explication of his works, more difficult by far than the author’s novels and short stories.

My advice, stick to the original.

by Andrea Kempf, Professor/Librarian, Billington Library 229 /Johnson County Community College